Immediate Pain Relief with the ATM®2

Bacci & Glinn Physical Therapy can provide you with immediate pain relief! A thorough evaluation, by one of our highly trained therapists, coupled with ATM® (Active Therapeutic Movement) system can have an immediate impact. ATM® will help decrease your pain and increase your flexiblity almost immediately.

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ATM Video
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The ATM®2 system can be applied to just about any other area as well to:

  • Decrease neck pain and increase mobility.
  • Increase pain-free shoulder motion.
  • Eliminate hip pain and walk better.

Listen to what our patients have to say!

Audio Testimonials:

Hear how Heather's years of back pain was relieved by the Bacci and Glinn team with the help of the ATM®2.

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Hear how Carrie has overcome her chronic neck and shoulder pain at Bacci and Glinn PT with the help of the ATM®2.

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The Secret is Recovering Functional Movement and Muscle Reeducation

The ATM®2 involves a three step process to eliminate pain and help you recover physiologic, pain-free and functional motion.

  1. Stabilization of the injured body part.
  2. Recovery of PAIN-FREE motion
  3. Reeducation of the muscles to restore normal motion

Yet Another Example of the Immediate Recovery of Motion

ATM Video
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Every patient is different and your results may vary but you to may be able to experience immediate pain relief, recover motion and normal function.

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